Grow Your Team with Product Sales Advisors & Consultants

Insurance has traditionally been sold through distribution networks, so many insurers don’t have direct sales capabilities in house.

If you need an experienced, licensed and consultative team to help you capture opportunity, Covenir is your turnkey sales solution.

Want to Accellerate Sales? Collaborate with Covenir.


Where do you find sales pros who aren’t pushy?

Our team believes in thoughtful engagement … a consultative approach … asking good questions … carefully listening … and leaving your customers with a feeling of trust and goodwill.

  • P&C insurance licensed sales professionals – all onshore
  • Dynamic, flexible – able to adapt to client needs
  • Ability to rapidly scale to support a carrier’s growth initiatives
  • Respond quickly and capably when leads come in – ensuring speed to lead
  • Quality workflow processes that focus on speed to close
  • Consultative, collaborative approach working within customer-established KPI’s
  • Assistance with any part or all of your sales process

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Mike Nordeen

Integrated Services Manager

“We make it very easy for insurers to quickly and cost-effectively explore direct-to-consumer sales. We take a deep, consultative and collaborative approach – catering our sales methodology to the needs of our clients.”

– Mike Nordeen