Premium Services for Your Business

From inbound premium payments to outbound agency commission checks, a lot of money goes in and out of your operation.

It all sounds easy, but when it comes to money, there are always a few mysteries – payments that don’t match up … exceptions that are kicked out … billing questions that are not straight-forward. We handle it all.

Want to Ensure that Nothing Slips through the Cracks? Collaborate with Covenir.


How can you eliminate premium headaches?

By partnering with our premium and payment problem solvers. Here are just a few ways we can lighten your load:

  • Receive checks and post payments directly to your software via intelligent lockbox
  • Resolve payment exceptions, including bill rescheduling, unidentified payments and pay plan requests
  • Disburse return premium and claim checks
  • Disburse commission reports and checks
  • Provide daily and monthly reconciliations
  • Work within your banking platform to process chargebacks, positive pay decisioning,
    acknowledgements and more
  • Comprehensive quality control program
  • Fully transparent and committed to keeping you informed
  • All services 100% onshore

Download our Q&A, “Rethinking Paper Check Processing.”

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Sallie Ricardo

Customer Care Manager

“Accuracy and willingness to go above and beyond are hallmarks of our premium services. We process more than 23,000 insurance transactions each month in an accurate and timely manner. ”

– Sallie Ricardo